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Contributors > Wednesday, September-28-2011

An Introduction to Infinite Monkey

Keywords: bio

Infinite Monkey - Who is he? What does he want? And is he really as fabulous as he claims to be?

Good continuation of the 24 hour cycle. I am Infinite Monkey, the Skeptical-GLBT liason. I will attempt to bridge the gap between the skeptical community and the GLBT community, adding a little critical thinking to the gays, and making the skeptical community that much more FABULOUS!

First of all, let me say I'm using a psuedonym not because I work at some super-secret government facility, and even if I did, I still would say I didn't, because it's secret, but I fully anticipate saying things which will piss people off. I understand that. However, I don't want to be Mabused and get hounded day in and day out. I have a job, considering how much of a cyber-foot print everyone has, it shouldn't be too easy to find out where I work, live, and my personal information. Think about it like a superhero. I keep my identity secret to protect the ones I love, not myself. I'm sure I'm just thinking too hard about it, but that's ok.

But, a bio about me. So, I was born at an early age. I didn't quite want it to happen, but it did, and I was kicking and screaming the whole time...

Ok, really, I'm a 30 year old gay, white male living in VA. I don't have anything beyond a HSD. Any critical thinking skills I have don't come from a vast scholastic career, but actually by actually asking questions and understanding the answers. It's both a benefit and a curse. I can't be accused of just being another ivory-towered know-it-all, but on the other hand, I'm often afraid of saying something with the intellectual value of "I like pudding". I'd love to go to TAM or NECSS, but I worry about saying something which would make everyone look at me like I just soiled my pants.

I am also a gay man. I don't like the term "homosexual". This is the term used invariably by the proponents of the conspiracy theory "The Homosexual Agenda". It's used to make us sound foreign and alien. I will use the term "gays", "GLBT", and "LGBT" interchangably, and by doing so, I mean no disrespect to all other members of the group, it's just a simple linguistic shortcut. There's a lot of fuzzy thinking in the LGBT community, and I hope to be part of the solution. I haven't been keeping up with the news as much as I should, beyond that which has reached the popular press. I know I need to really get in there and find out where people are letting others to the thinking for them, and then start asking, "Why should we think they are right?" I also have a slight interest in politics and economics, and think critical thinking can and should be used there more often. We need to look at the claims our politicians and economicists are making, and seriously analyse what they are saying the problem is, if it really is a problem, and what are the implications of the solutions they are offering.

I also like playing video games. I play story-driven games, such as Final Fantasy and God of War, which offer you the same cultural satsifaction as TV, movies, and books.

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