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Podcast > Monday, November-28-2011

Invisible Sky Monster Podcast: Episode 4

Keywords: religion, vaccines, aliens, gay rights, economics, circumcision

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The Irreligiosophy Podcast
Chuck Morrison's Appearance On The Conspiracy Skeptic (White Salamander Letter)
Dumbasses Appearance On The Conspiracy Skeptic (Ancient Aliens)
Infinite Monkey's Appearance On The Conspiracy Skeptic (Homosexual Agenda)
Fake $10 Tip To Save Your Soul
Australian Government Withholds Tax Benefits For Parents Of Unvaccinated Children
Parents Swapping Chicken Pox Infected Lollipops
Government Responds To Petition - Denies Knowledge Of Aliens
Suicidal Lesbian Marine Corps Vet Seeks Help, Gets Jesus Instead
Theme Music From Danosongs.com

Senior Gay Issues Correspondent Infinite Monkey and Former Irreligiosophy Host Chuck Morrison join the Dumbass to talk about circumcision, aliens, gay rights, and more.

Is This Chuck?  Is This Leighton?  Teach The Controversy!!!

Saunders Has A Beard Dammit!

Podcast > Monday, September-26-2011

Invisible Sky Monster Podcast: Episode 1

Keywords: gay rights, homosexuality, religion, mormonism

Theme Music From Danosongs.com
Gay Soldier Booed At Republican Debate
Florida Pastor Wants National Registry For Atheists
Pat Robertson Advocates Divorcing Spouse Afflicted With Alzheimers
Bullied Teen Commits Suicide
Kid's Help Phone: Canadian Service For Troubled Kids
US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
The Trevor Project: US Based Support For LGBT Teens

My guests this episode are Doug Delong and Infinite Monkey.  We talk about religion and gay rights, and of course, about how evil Santa is.

How else do you explain this disembodied (not disemboweled, Dumbass!) Santa head I found:

Disembodied Santa Head

Or this Santa pen I bought with the glowing red eyes:

And how about this Santa Candy Bowl... there's a big surprise at the bottom for the kiddies!

Santa Candy Bowl

And it's for reasons like this that we see ads like these:

Buy A Gun In Time For Santa

And of course, we can't forget about that NASA satellite that fell on that car in Canada: