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Blog Entries:

Guests > Monday, January-16-2012

Kimberly Saviano

Kimberly Saviano is an active member of her local skeptics group, and one of the co-hosts on the wonderful Amateur Skeptics Podcast where she often has very interesting and thought provoking things to say.  

Contributors > Friday, December-09-2011

Massive cloaked ship spotted

Keywords: Star Trek, debunking, gawker, cloaking device

Did a recent NASA photo reveal a cloaked ship around Mercury? The science says no, but what does the science fiction say?
Full Story

Podcast > Wednesday, December-07-2011

Invisible Sky Monster Podcast: Episode 5

Guests > Wednesday, December-07-2011

Mike Bohler

Mike Boheler is a blogger who is interested in historical conspiracies.  He runs a blog called The Skeptic's Guide To Conspiracy where he talks about things like the conspiracies surrounding Pearl Harbor and facts that Alex Jones got wrong.

Guests > Wednesday, December-07-2011

Karl Mamer

Karl Mamer is a writer and podcaster, and for his day job he's a director of marketing and communications.  He runs the Conspiracy Skeptic podcast, which originally started out as a solitary exploration of conspiracies, but has turned into an interview show where Karl invites on guests to talk about their favourite conspiracies. 

Karl is a fellow Canadian who makes his home in Toronto, Ontario.

Podcast > Monday, November-28-2011

Invisible Sky Monster Podcast: Episode 4

Keywords: religion, vaccines, aliens, gay rights, economics, circumcision

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The Irreligiosophy Podcast
Chuck Morrison's Appearance On The Conspiracy Skeptic (White Salamander Letter)
Dumbasses Appearance On The Conspiracy Skeptic (Ancient Aliens)
Infinite Monkey's Appearance On The Conspiracy Skeptic (Homosexual Agenda)
Fake $10 Tip To Save Your Soul
Australian Government Withholds Tax Benefits For Parents Of Unvaccinated Children
Parents Swapping Chicken Pox Infected Lollipops
Government Responds To Petition - Denies Knowledge Of Aliens
Suicidal Lesbian Marine Corps Vet Seeks Help, Gets Jesus Instead
Theme Music From Danosongs.com

Senior Gay Issues Correspondent Infinite Monkey and Former Irreligiosophy Host Chuck Morrison join the Dumbass to talk about circumcision, aliens, gay rights, and more.

Is This Chuck?  Is This Leighton?  Teach The Controversy!!!

Saunders Has A Beard Dammit!

Guests > Monday, November-28-2011

Chuck Morrison

Chuck Morrison is a practicing medical doctor, and former co-host of the popular Irreligiosophy podcast where he and Leighton Allred would talk about and make fun of religion every episode.  Chuck's opted to keep all the episodes available on the website so that they can be downloaded by anybody interested in their body of work.

Podcast > Sunday, October-23-2011

Invisible Sky Monster Podcast: Episode 3

Keywords: Harold Camping, Religion, Halloween, Jesusween, Christmas, Abortion

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The Caustic Soda Podcast
Harold Camping's Doomsday Prediction Fails Again
Christian Heritage Party of Canada
Bob Saget Is Indded God! You Can't Argue With This Evidence!
Theme Music From Danosongs.com

This episode I'm joined by my first repeat guest, the show's correspondent in charge of religious criticism Doug Delong, and skeptical activist Karyn Wittmeyer.  As the world's ending, we devote the episode to talking about crazy religious figures and positions.

Lord Saget

Guests > Sunday, October-23-2011

Karyn Wittmeyer

Karyn Wittmeyer is a skeptical activist originally from Kansas, where she founded a local skeptics group.  She is a prolific advocate of skeptical and scientific literacy, and she currently holds a moderator position on the Skeptics Guide To The Universe message board.  She also helps out on the Caustic Soda podcast, which she describes as "The Best Podcast Ever".

Podcast > Sunday, October-09-2011

Invisible Sky Monster Podcast: Episode 2

Keywords: alternative medicine, cancer, big pharma, conspiracy

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The Exposing Pseudoastronomy Blog
The Expolsing Pseudoastronomy Podcast
The Skeprechauns Podcast
Steve Jobs Delayed His Cancer Treatment, Using Alt Med Instead
Michael Horn Calls Stuart Robbins A Coward And A Fraud
Theme Music From Danosongs.com

This episode I'm joined by Doctor Stuart Robbins, and Rebecca O'Neill.  We discuss alternative medicine and cancer quackery, discuss the mindset of people who cannot be dissuaded against this kind of nonsense, and briefly delve into other topics like feminism and Macintosh vs Windows.

Here's the ad for the amazonian shaman I mentioned.  You can click on it for a larger version, but it's still fuzzy.  If and when I manage to get it cleaned up I'll post that here:

Shaman Ad

The text reads:

Amazonian Shaman
Healer Of Birth
I know the jungle's secret to achieve what is so difficult and impossible.

100% guaranteed

- Return your loved one regardless of circumstance and distance
- Heal all kinds of diseases and negative influence
- Reveal the enemy's face
- Cleanse houses and businesses

I don't have any margin of error
23 years of experience

The testimonial reads (as best as I can tell):
My daughter had a tendency to behave lika a man.
She also had strong attractions for women.  My
husband and I suffered a lot due to this situation.
We were desperate for our daughter to be herself
again.  After seeing the SHAMAN who did a spiritual
charming she has begun to behave like a woman.

And, of course, we talked about the level of public discussion online and in print:

And we expressed our love for the Mac vs PC Commercials: